Guðrún Tara Sveinsdóttir

exchange student from Reykjavik Iceland, Icelandic Academy of the Arts.

I ask myself if empathy can actually be a mental illness, and if I have it. One of my favourite questions of this year; what is the benefit of identity? If we are autonomous unique entities made of energy and bacteria do our actions as individuals matter more or less? I am a captive of the mind, I am sidereal.  Fading into the light, fading into darkness.

Turmoil, sense of equity, sadness, feeling conflicted, going through travail, blessed with enlightenment, expansion of the horizon. Ever dispersed.

The state of the world, injustice, inequality, concern for the welfare of animals, nature, maternal love, feminism and emotions, are recurring themes in the works of Guðrún Tara. „Concerns“ is putting it mildly when speaking of her works, these are tangible and corporeal concerns which she presents in her art. Her art is presented mostly in performance and sculptures. Recently combining video screening with live music and reciting of poetry and text.

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