Lucila Mayol

My work is mostly based in found materials: negatives, printed photos, 8mm movies and VHS recordings.

Departing from the notions of past and death embedded in the photographic medium I am looking for a definition of my own place as archivist and discoverer of stories belonging to other people and to my own past.

The fact that memories can be distorted and modified over time is a departure point to reflect on how memory affects our perception of the present, how we inhabit our traumas and through the traumas how we inhabit our lives.

All object are mnemonic devices, but the found photograph’s particularity is the double possibility to associate and aid to remember something outside itself: it can refer to the moment it was found, as well as to the memory and the content depicted inside the frame. Therefore, what happens when the mnemonic object is separated from the memory it refers to? Is it only relating to the moment I found it? Can it have a fictional connection to a fictional memory belonging to other person I don't know?

I wonder why they were abandoned, thrown or forgotten. By rescuing them from their lethal destiny I create my own version of the facts, maybe I believe I am altering the history. How many possible stories could be obtained from one image, from two images related, from all the images together?

The picture hurts me, it has something I can’t grasp.

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