Ariadne Iribarren Irigoyen

Placid small thought no 2

“The passage of time (my History) leaves behind a residue that accumulates: photographs, drawings, the corpses of long since dried-up felt-pens, shirts, non-returnable glasses and returnable glasses, cigar wrappers, tins, erasers, postcards, books, dust and knickknacks: this is what I call my fortune.”

George Perec
Species of Spaces (1974)

My artistic research is based on my relation with the surroundings.
I pick up unnoticed things and details that catch my attention in daily life and gather them as a treasure I find on my way, waiting to get discovered. Found objects, images and sounds. Things and instants that evoke something in me, although could not be clear in the very first moment.

I keep each element as it is, I don’t change anything. In order to represent what they may evoked me, I make compositions with them, little gestures that change completely the nature of each element. Combining things that didn’t belong together, my intervention implicates the poetic transformation of the abandoned and puts the attention into unnoticed details.

With the ironic-oneiric treatment of the subject I appeal to a common memory, shared language, looking for the complicity of the spectator; I understand this complicity as a conversation with the public when I am not there anymore. I want them to finish the story I began, (re)presenting my perception, looking for a wink. While leaving the interpretation opened I search different methods to give them enough clues to get into my imagination.