Hanne Maren Meldahl


A maelstrom of images.

Social media, nature, reality, flash, fantasy, pop, snap.

The images are spinning until they are out of control, becoming a language of its own.

A surrealistic dream.


Persecuted by reality, reality which is briefly chewed and spat out.

Contrasts. Colors. Take the hardest and compare it with the softest. The nastiest against the most delicate. Balance.

How can we understand the incomprehensible? How can we manage to fix what can not be fixed?

We are marching like robots against the world's end. I want to wake up.


Pop. Flash. Flash. Blink.

Where was I? Oh, nature is dying. Humanity is a plague.

Commercial break.

Amusing myself towards the end of the world. Work. No time for charity. Can I save the world? Can I make the poles stop melting. Can I stop war?

Status update. Pop. Flash. Flash. Blink. Tired.


Concerns that are too big. Conscience that can not be stilled. I wrap the world in magic. Unicorns. I don’t want to hide it. I just want to see it better. Understand it better.

My brain is numb. My brain is covered in sleepmist.


Hanne Maren Meldahl  is a Norwegian artist working with installation, performance, sound and drawing. She spits pop surreal nightmares inspired by uncanny contrasts within capitalism and injustice, nature and culture, the tamed and the wild.

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Hanne Maren Meldahl is a member of the art collective WALK OF SHAME. Together the four of them explores the interrelation between performative and social spaces by means of tableaux vivants, visual landscapes and interactive meetings between performer and spectator. WOS seeks to challenge the established hegemony of genres across disciplines such as visual arts, performance, live arts, and concerts.

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